Head to Toe Supplement 120 Capsules (Happy Heal...
Head to Toe Supplement 120 Capsules (Happy Heal...

Head to Toe Supplement 120 Capsules (Happy Healthy Body)

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Traditional herbs that act to promote liver and kidney health and support a healthy immune system.

This blend also promotes a calming feeling and clear, healthy skin.*

Each tube contains 120 vegetable capsules and is made from wildcrafted and organic herbs. Ingredients include Red Clover, Cocolmeca, Sarsaparilla, Yellow Dock, Elderberries, Blue Vervain, Burdock Root and Hierba del Sapo.

Red Clover is supportive for menopausal women.* This makes sense since the herb contains phytochemicals called isoflavones. But this herb isn’t just for women. It also helps support prostate health in healthy men.*

Cocolmeca is a Spanish name for a jungle plant (smilax) that means “vine for caregiving.” It contains biochemicals called saponins that may have beneficial effects for the skin.* 

Sarsaparilla contains biochemicals called saponins that may promote clear, healthy skin.*

Elderberries are described in the writings of Hippocrates and Pliny as excellent for health support.*

Yellow Dock helps to promote proper digestive health.*

Blue Vervain is a nervine herb that may help when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and just want to relax. It promotes a calming feeling.*

Burdock Root helps promote urinary tract health and healthy liver function.* Promotes clear, healthy skin.*

Hierba del Sapo is a Mexican plant that grows in humid regions. It helps support healthy kidneys and healthy blood.* 

Pregnant or nursing mothers, individuals under 18, and individuals with known medical conditions should consult a physician before use.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.