The Benefits of Grapes

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Grapes have amazing abilities to heal. They contain salts of potash, which may be a cure for cancer, they repair tissue, reduce joint inflammation, prevent tooth and hair loss, and treat anemia. They also aid in bowel movements.

To put it simply, grapes are one of the most healing foods you can eat. Here are some of their most healing properties.

Grapes aid your kidneys

Eating grapes helps your kidneys filter waste and get rid of more toxins through your urine. It also makes you pee more, which means that when toxins leave your blood, they are then eliminated from your body. When you eat a lot of grapes, you will notice that your urine is darker and smells more.

Grapes are often recommended for patients who have edema. They’re also good for people who have kidney issues like kidney stones, nephritis, and uremia, as well as people with rheumatism and gout.

Grapes stimulate your liver

Grapes stimulate your liver and help it perform more efficiently. That means your liver can filter and destroy more toxins, poisons, and medications. In addition, they help the gallbladder empty out the bile it receives from the liver. When your gallbladder is empty, you are able to digest better, as the food moves through your intestines more quickly.

Grapes clean out your intestines

Did you know that grapes are a laxative? For most people, they stimulate the intestines. The fiber in grapes gets rid of bodily waste by cleaning your intestinal walls as well. Some people, however, will become more constipated when they eat grapes. If you’re one of those people, just eat the grape pulp. Tannins, which cause the intestines to tighten, are mainly in grape skin and seeds.

Your intestines can hold the largest amount of waste in your body, and they fill with toxins from all over your body - from your liver, your saliva, your digestive glands, etc. Grapes reduce the amount of poison created by your intestines as they digest food and collect toxins.

Eat more grapes!

If you want to clear out more toxins from your body and digest more efficiently, add more grapes to your diet! You will be so happy you did.

Source: The Detox Mono Diet by Christopher Vasey, N.D.


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